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Business Dialogue Africa 2022

Business Dialogue Africa "Attracting Skilled Workers and the Dawn of the Hydrogen Age"

29 July 2022 Denkendorf / 18-19 October 2022 Cairo

Egypt is the second strongest economy in Africa. Its gross national product ranks 33rd. The country has overcapacities in its renewable energies and is the leading nation in the Arab world in the training of engineers and skilled workers. The Business Dialogue Africa, designed as a thematic day in a workshop format, offers all interested parties an open platform across sectors and associations to get to know the countries and regions of Africa. Non-partisan and non-political, experts on the country and its people, government representatives and entrepreneurial practitioners bring us closer to the continent, country by country, region by region. The aim is to present the realities and opportunities for entrepreneurial engagement in Africa in a practical way, to give a concrete impression for a first personal market assessment.

Marshallplan MIT-LIM-IFS-PWOA-Einladung

Marshallplan MIT-LIM-IFS-PWOA-Invitaion