PWOA introduces itself

Platform of the Upper Swabia and Allgäu Business Associations - this alliance has the motto "Helping people to help themselves".

Platform of the Upper Swabia & Allgäu Business Associations

PWOA (Platform of Upper Swabia and Allgäu Business Associations) is an open platform for communication, cooperation and project work between businesses in Upper Swabia Allgäu in a competitive environment. PWOA emerged at the beginning of 2018 from a joint initiative of Wirtschaftsverbund Baienfurt-Baindt e.V., Wangener Wirtschaftskreis e.V., AGV Gewerbeverein Altshausen e.V., Gewerbeverein Horgenzell e.V. and IsSiT Interessenverband selbständiger Subunternehmer im Transportgewerbe e.V.. Participation in the PWOA in no way impairs the independence and entrepreneurial freedom of the associations or the participating companies or competition between the companies. Furthermore, it does not constitute a merger in the sense of company law.

The main objective of the PWOA is the transfer of knowledge and know-how, primarily in connection with the "use of state subsidies" between companies and employees in the interest of securing the location in Upper Swabia and Allgäu. In this way, the special requirements of a global market can also be mastered on a broad basis in a practical manner and better for the companies in the region.


Aktive Unterstützung der Unternehmen der Mitgliedsvereine

Hilfestellung beim Einwerben
von Fördermitteln

Begleitung bei der Projektumsetzung
lokal, national wie international

Werben um politische Unterstützung
für wichtige Anliegen unserer KMUs

Gegenseitige Unterstützung und
Erfahrungsaustausch von Unternehmen

Support with relevant topics

The experience of SMEs says that it is difficult to get competent, concrete and pragmatic information in a short time and from a single source. Especially in the exploratory phase, a quick and favourable assessment is helpful in order to further focus one's own activities. It is not the task of the PWOA to immediately apply for all programmes in detail, but to give the companies quick and concrete advice and to direct them to the appropriate programmes, to inform them and to support them in their application. This can also be done in cooperation with existing counselling centres.

Increase political awareness

Our companies in the region are concerned about many issues, such as the lack of skilled workers, infrastructure, legal and regulatory requirements. In order to sensitise politicians to our concerns, suggestions and wishes for change and to demand improvements, sustained communication with representatives in the state, at the federal level and in the European institutions is necessary. Here we want to promote our interests in a sustainable and concentrated manner, based on as many companies as possible.

Mutual support

The companies of the respective PWOA member associations already have different and diverse experience, knowledge or even offer services in topics that affect SMEs nationally and internationally. We want to collect and process this help on various problems and make it available to the companies as needed. This can be important advice, but also mentorship and support among each other.